Pre-Richmond pit-stop for “found”.

15 02 2010

Thanks to repetitive paralyzing winter weather events this month, “found” will be debuting in Richmond next month at the Harrison Street Coffee Shop. For the remainder of February, portions of the show will be on display at the Good Cherry in Forest. Some will remember the first rendering of “found”, which debuted at the Good Cherry last summer. With most of those pieces having been sold around the region, Joanna has created an all new array of collages, paintings, & functional pieces (drum head clocks, anyone?). All 9 pieces will be available for viewing until February 27th, when they will rejoin the rest of the show in Richmond.


“Found” makes it’s way to Richmond!

29 01 2010

Having begun as an idea back in 2008, the “found” collection builds its momentum from pieces that have been discarded their first time through the world. The finished forms are assembled through layer after layer of mixed media. Many of the pieces are single presentation, with a few actually supplying function (drum head clocks, etc.).

Twice in the past year, “found” graced the walls & windows of different DIY galleries in Joanna’s home base of Lynchburg, Virginia. With pieces drawing interest from buyers, each show provided a unique, newly created part of the collection.

“Found”, in its most recent incarnation (including “Coming Down The Mountain” as seen below), will be on display at the Harrison Street Coffee Shop throughout February. Additional details & links can be found here.

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Show at Speakertree opens Friday!

2 07 2009
show at Speakertree!

show at Speakertree!

day dreaming

1 07 2009

I’ve been dreaming up my ideal art space lately. Perhaps it’s the prospect of buying a house and having a room all to myself that has me thinking about this. I splurged and bought some fabric to use for inspiration. What do you think?

AMH palette pile

AMH palette pile

Estate Specialists Finds

18 06 2009

A children’s picture dictionary and souvenir plate came home with me yesterday! I can’t wait to use the dictionary in some projects. It’s in too good of condition to tear apart so I’ll just need to scan some pages first….

Estate Specialists finds

It’s been too long.

16 06 2009

So in the past 2 years (give or take) we bought a van, moved, made another band, went to New York, have a new niece, done some craft shows, I got laid-off and some other things. Now that you’ve been updated, go check out my art show at The Good Cherry in Forest. ¬†Of the 7 pieces in the show, 4 have sold. I am very excited about it and hope you enjoy it! It will be up until the end of June.

Art Show at The Good Cherry!

Art Show at The Good Cherry!

it’s about time.

20 12 2007

I’ve been sequestered away in Santa’s Workshop. That Santa, man, he’s a taskmaster.
pin cushions

First it was the gifts, then it was the gift wrap.
gift wrap

I was able to take a break to see the best Christmas present this year.

harper elise

I am pleased to introduce Harper Elise Wood.

harper & kim

Everyone is healthy and doing well.

Now back to work.